Easy online VAT calculator

Welcome to our Easy VAT Calculator! We've designed this tool with simplicity and accuracy in mind, allowing you to add or subtract VAT from any amount quickly and easily. It's perfect for individuals and businesses who need fuss-free VAT calculations. The countries in the dropdown menu will be updated every beginning of the year.

How to Use the Easy VAT Calculator

  1. Enter the desired amount or price into the "Amount" field for VAT calculation.

  2. Choose either "Add VAT" or "Remove VAT" from the dropdown menu, depending on your requirements.

  3. Pick the appropriate VAT rate from the dropdown menu. Our calculator comes pre-loaded with standard rates for various countries, including the UK. You can also input a custom VAT rate if necessary.

  4. Click the "Calculate" button or press the "Enter" key to view the results. The calculator displays the net price, VAT amount, and total price (inclusive of VAT) for your convenience.

Example: Calculating VAT

Let's say you want to calculate VAT for a product with a net price of 100 and a Belgium VAT rate of 21%. Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Type "100" into the "Amount" field.

  2. Select "Add VAT" from the dropdown menu.

  3. Choose "Belgium (20%)" from the VAT rate dropdown menu.

  4. Click "Calculate" or press "Enter" to view the results.

The results will display a total price of 120, and a VAT amount of 20.

Handy Tips for Effective VAT Calculations

  1. Add our Effortless VAT Calculator to your bookmarks for easy access whenever you need to perform VAT calculations.

  2. Use the custom VAT rate option for calculating VAT at unique rates not included in our dropdown menu.

  3. Regularly check your country's tax authority website to stay updated on any changes to VAT rates.

  4. Share our VAT calculator with friends, family, and colleagues who could benefit from quick and precise VAT calculations.